Terms Of Use: Modding


Some of my projects (future and present) might not be to your liking, lore-friendly or anything really. I am making these mods for personal education, therefore, you are not obligated in any way to use my mods. Also, read the following PSA’s before doing anything else.

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  • DO NOT upload my mods to any other websites. Especially Nexus.
  • DO NOT claim my mods as your own
  • DO NOT direct link
  • YOU MAY share the mod page, provided you credit me
  • YOU MAY NOT use any of my mods in your own mods
  • READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! I will not help you until you at least read the instructions TWICE.
  • I do not take requests


  • I do not play Multiplayer. Should you use any of my mods during a MP session, I am not responsible if you get banned.
  • Please be patient. I will answer all of your questions as soon as I am able. Pressuring will not do you any good.
  • I am not a professional.
  • I am new to modding.
  • Any hateful messages regarding racism and/or prejudice directed at me and/or any user will result in me taking down my mods, indefinitely.
  • Fandom radicals are not welcome here. Do not bring this mess to my website.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

Mass Effect: Andromeda


You can always leave a comment at the mod’s page or contact me on Discord @ munchyfly. I’m also at the Unofficial MEA Modding Group & DAI Modding Tools Group.

Please include the following information when reporting an error:

  • The Mod in question:
  • Game Version:
  • Any DLC? If yes, which ones?:
  • Are you using any other mods? If yes, which ones?:
  • Attachments:
  • What are you having trouble with


Dragon Age: Inquisition mods are made with:


  • Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Latest patch


  • The Black Emporium
  • Jaws Of Hakkon
  • The Descent
  • Trespasser
  • Spoils of The Avvar
  • Spoils of The Qunari

…unless stated otherwise

Mass Effect: Andromeda mods are made with:


  • Super Deluxe Pre-Order Edition
  • Latest patch


  • Deluxe Upgrade
  • Deep Space Pack
  • Deluxe Edition Content

…unless stated otherwise


  • BioWare, of course.
  • The coders of the tools used
  • ELE08Ottemis, mrsalenko, Renmiri, Adela, tklivory, DawnlessSky, Silvist, xstephyg, cmessaz, fuckyeahcullen, tirnoney, borglet, arideya, Kalaheria, Human Pathfinder
  • Uledus/Wodjanoi for taking the time to make a tutorial for me.
  • Wavebend & Ehamloptiran/GalaxyMan2015 for teaching me some pretty useful and neat EBX editing

..and to all your modders and mod users for taking your time on visiting my website ^^;;



  • Hello, I do not like to cheat either, but I am having major issues with getting through Heidrun Thaig. I keep getting the black screen when I go through to the long area where you cannot save. I thought I would try the Jaws of Hakkon remove level restriction, to try & go up a couple of levels – stuck on level 27.
    But how do I use this mod? Do I attach it to a line in the game data. I do not know how to activate things like this. Please help with step by step instructions, thanks.


    • Hello. I am sorry to hear you are having troubles. Before I help though, please re-post this issue on the page of the mod-in-question. That way it’ll be easier for others to see. Also, check out http://daimodder.tumblr.com for tutorials on installing mods and troubleshooting. Before I go any further on the issue, please read the tutorials on DAIModder. If they don’t help, I’ll step in. Thanks for using my mod :D.


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