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How to use ReShade with your favourite recording software

I’m posting this here in case anyone has any similar problems.

Download Reshade

I mostly use Mirillis Action! (which I love by the way) but ReShade wasn’t compatible with it. My games would automatically freeze at startup. Until I could find an answer as to why this was, I used ShadowPlay.

BUT, I googled to see if anyone was having the same problem (hey, most of the time, I’m to blame for anything going wrong). I found THIS post. It was a lifesaver.

To quote crosire:

“The ReShade DLL is fully ABI (with some small exceptions) compatible with d3d9.dll, dxgi.dll, opengl32.dll and mostly ABI compatible with d3d10.dll and d3d11.dll. This means it won’t crash due to DLL naming.”

Meaning that if I renamed dxgi.ll to d3d11.dll, I could use Action! AND ReShade.

And it worked!!!

I can’t say for any other software so you would have to try that out for yourself. Of course you would have to follow the rules for renaming:

  • If you use DirectX 9: rename dxgi.dll to d3d9.dll
  • If you use DirectX10+: rename dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll

If a game loads both d3d9.dll and d3d11.dll (like The Witcher 3)…

..to quote crosire:

“The only difference is the load order in which the game loads these. While Witcher 3 is a Direct3D 11 game, it still loads d3d9.dll for some reason. But it may do that later than it does load dxgi.dll. What can happen is that games already call the Direct3D setup functions before loading the library ReShade was renamed to, in which case ReShade can no longer apply. You would need to use a different name then. Other than that, again, it makes no difference to ReShade.”

Other than the above, I’m sorry but I can’t help you any further. I’m new to using ReShade myself.

I hope this helps! Good luck! ^__^

Source for all this: ReShade Forums (TOPIC: Is dxgi.dll better than d3d9.dll ?)

Frosty Editor DirectX Error on Windows 7

I originally posted this on Tumblr but I figured it would also be a good idea to do it here too.

Download Frosty Tool Suite

[ Nexus | GitHub ]


I, munchyfly, am NOT the creator of Frosty Tool Suite. I’m merely a Tester, meaning that I only try out the tools and take no part in it’s coding.

All Frosty Tool Suite development is made by GalaxyMan2015 & his development group.



If you are on Windows 7 & the following errors show up when you try to open a texture in Frosty Editor:


To quote GalaxyMan2015 (the author of Frosty Tool Suite):

“To anyone experiencing the issue with d3dcompiler_47.dll not being found on Windows 7. Make sure that you have SP1 installed then proceed to the following link and apply the windows update: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4019990/update-for-the-d3dcompiler-47-dll-component-on-windows

Credits to @dracoangelz for the screenshots