Site Update #2 – Migration Halted

I’ve analyzed my choices but I’m currently stalled in the full migration process. Should that change, I will post some notification.

If you are experiencing dead links etc, that is due to me upgrading my account. Ergo meaning I can now use plugins to enhance the display of my content, to some extent.

This is normal so please refrain from spamming me with questions regarded to this subject.

Any comments that don’t belong under their specific pages will be moved to the right ones. Please avoid commenting in the wrong place.

Comments are open again.

Thank you for your understanding :D.

Site Update #1 – Migration

During the following months I will be evaluating self-hosted plans so I can be free from’s limitations.

You might experience broken links etc. This is normal.

If you have any questions regarding my mods, PM me on Discord (munchyfly#2715)

If your having trouble with Frosty, I suggest you join the Frosty Discord Server for more help (

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Pyjak’s Quarters

Pyjak's Quarters


  • Location: Tempest Meeting Room
  • Tools: Ansel
  • Settings: Mixed, RAW HDR, Super Resolution


Bridge Over Knives

Bridge Over Knives


  • Photomode
  • Mirillis Action!


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