Dragon Age: Inquisition Mods


This page contains any and all mods I have released for BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition.





Mods are made with:


  • Frosty Tool Suite
  • DAITools


  • Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Latest patch (11/12)


  • The Black Emporium
  • Jaws Of Hakkon
  • The Descent
  • Trespasser
  • Spoils of The Avvar
  • Spoils of The Qunari

…unless stated otherwise


Master Posts

Master Post for any alterations I make to the advisors: Leliana, Cullen, Josephine & Morrigan

Master Post for whatever small edits I make related to weapons & armor.

Master Post for any alterations I make to the Flora & Fauna

Master post that will house any changes and/or tweaks to GUI elements

Here I will place any mods that I feel don't really warrant their own post

Master post for any changes made to the Inquisitors' companions

Master Post for any alterations I make to abilities

Master Post for any alterations I make to cosmetics, outfits etc.


Restores some unused Critical Masterwork Materials and tweaks vanilla Critical Masterwork Materials

An updated version of Ehamloptiran's/GalaxyMan2015 Fall Damage Nullified.

This mod removes the dependencies for perks (points & other perks), allowing you to freely spread your Inquisition points

Removes the Class Restriction present in the following Tonics: Mighty Offense (Rogue And Warrior) & Tears Of The Dead (Rogue)

Removes the Level Requirements present in the Base Game, Black Emporium, Jaws Of Hakkon, Trespasser & The Descent (Weapons Only)

Several tweaks made to runes

Unlocks all Horses and Harts (except DLC) so you can purchase them when you complete Master Of Horses and acquire Master Dennet as the Inquisition Horsemaster


This mod makes it so that whenever you spur them, they no longer let out that shriek

Old Mods

The following were mods I released but were discarded as I progressed in modding or (the most likely scenario) a Nexus version showed up. They are not available for download. Just for history.

  • Spirit Runes Restriction Removal: Released on: Thu Apr 02, 2015 5:44 pm @ DAITools Forum
  • War Table No Waiting – Jaws Of Hakkon Expansion: Released on: Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:22 pm @ DAITools Forum
  • Requisition Officer No Banter: Released on: Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:49 pm @ DAITools Forum

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