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  • Hello. I’m figuring out weapons and armor stats and I was curious if FieldIndex under WeaponIndex can hold an arbitrary value corresponding to anything we set as StatMod_ or if all the FieldIndex values are preset eg. FieldIndex 0 for weapons being damage.

    • I don’t know about armor but weapons are like so:


      WeaponIndex and FieldIndex point to values inside an asset called gunstats, located at GAME/ExcelDataImports/. An example would be the Cyclone:

      If you open it’s asset and go to RateOfFire, you’ll see that WeaponIndex = 20 and FieldIndex = 2. That means that you open gunstats, collapse WeaponTable, and go to Index 20 > Values > Index 2. It should be 675.

      There is a spreadsheet in the Modding Andromeda Server which tells you what value corresponds to what index in gunstats. I believe it’s pinned in #troubleshooting.

      I hope that helps. If not, just ask in the Andromeda Server or Frosty Toolsuite Server #masseffect channel for help.

      EDIT: The same method seems to apply to armor, as I’ve found a file for armors. Although there is no spreadsheet for it. Only Weapons and Powers.

  • Hi, I don’t suppose you’ve made a reference sheet for male hairs that aren’t in the character creator? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find one for the specific hair I’m looking for (Cain Fawkes on Prodromos). Thank you <3

    • No. I never bothered to look for that hair because no one wanted it at the time. Can’t promise I’ll look for it though. If I ever do I’ll put it in that sheet. Sorry 🙁

      EDIT: Sent you a message on Discord. I think I found it but won’t update the reference sheet anytime soon.



    I am trying to mod Mass Effect Andromeda, but I have yet to find any helpful videos on how to get the game to work with frosty launcher and mods. All I get is a box that is black and nothing else. I have tried reinstalling, deleting everything and so on. Is there any way to help me?

    • That’s not very helpful. I’m going to ask you to fill out this template so I can get a better idea of what is happening. You haven’t provided much information for me to work on.

      1. Please provide a short description of the issue
      2. Were you using the Editor or the Mod Manager?
      3. Which version of the Editor/Mod Manager were you using?
      4. Which game?
      5. Which OS version?
      6. Which GPU?
      7. Please provide a breakdown of the steps performed to produce the issue. (Make sure to list any edits done in the editor, or every mod applied in the mod manager)
      8. If possible, please provide a project file with a reproducible case of the issue
      9. Please provide any accompanying screenshots, or information
      10. Copy and paste of the error message (including stack trace) in a separate message and in English (do not screenshot)

      NOTE: Don’t post videos of the issue unless asked

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