DAI Mod: Unlocked Stables






What it does

Unlocks all Horses and Harts (except DLC) so you can purchase them when you complete Master Of Horses and acquire Master Dennet as the Inquisition Horsemaster. It DOES NOT unlock Dracolisks and Nuggalopes. These are quest related and touching them could potentially break your progression.

A few of the Harts were flagged with Custom Plot Flags. Because I don’t want to mess anything else up, I left these alone. They should show up normally whenever they are supposed to be unlocked. If I knew what these custom flags were, I’d mess with them but since I don’t, better leaving them alone.






Not compatible with any mod that alters the following entry

  • store_mounts

Not compatible with any mod that alters the Haven/Skyhold Mounts Store.


Known Issues

No problems so far with the base game (new or old saves)

Not an issue, per se, but If you disable my mod after acquiring Dennet, the stables store will revert to it’s natural state. Meaning that all plot flags return to normal and the horses appear again for purchase. Buying them again won’t break your game. I’ve tried.




Made with ModMaker .19 Alpha & Patch 11/12 on a Digital Deluxe Edition.





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