DAI Mod: Tonics Unlocked




What it does

Removes the Class Restriction present in the following Tonics:

  • Mighty Offense (Rogue And Warrior)
  • Tears Of The Dead (Rogue)

There are 2 (TWO) versions of this mod:

  • Tonics Unlocked (No Class Restriction): This version only removes the class restriction from the tonics
  • Tonics Unlocked (NCR Plus Carry 40): This version removes the class restriction and allows you to carry up to 40 tonics each





Not compatible with any mod that alters the following entries

  • item_potion_crowpoison
  • item_potion_mightyoffense


How to use

Use only ONE file at a time


Known Issues

No problems so far with the base game (new or old saves)

This mod will cause your game to freeze when trying to equip potions during The Descent DLC. If you want the effects of this mod to work, equip Mighty Offense and/or Tears Of The Dead BEFORE playing The Descent DLC and keep it that way until you finish the DLC.



Made with DAI Tools 0.19 Alpha & Patch 12 on a Digital Deluxe Edition.




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