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Mods are made with:


  • Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Latest patch (11/12)


  • The Black Emporium
  • Jaws Of Hakkon
  • The Descent
  • Trespasser
  • Spoils of The Avvar
  • Spoils of The Qunari

…unless stated otherwise


Removes the Level Requirements present in the Base Game, Black Emporium, Jaws Of Hakkon, Trespasser & The Descent (Weapons Only).



Not compatible with any mod that alters the following entries:


Base Game:

  • get_levelrequirement_script [EBX] (daimod version)
  • luarunnercompiledlua_5ca5b5f3_7c74_40fa_a8c1_c802b754182d  [RES] (frosty version)


Black Emporium:

  • be_get_levelrequirement_script [EBX] (daimod version)
  • luarunnercompiledlua_079f834a_930c_4230_b810_f07bcc17fba2 [RES] (frosty version)


The Descent (Weapons Only):

  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_bow_t4_generic [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_bow_t4_unique [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_dagger_t4_generic [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_dagger_t4_unique [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_maul_t4_generic [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_maul_t4_unique [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_shield_t4_generic [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_shield_t4_unique [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_staff_kingfisher [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_staff_t4_generic [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_staff_t4_unique [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_sword_t4_generic [EBX]
  • equip_DLC_Red_dlcred_sword_t4_unique [EBX]


Jaws Of Hakkon:

  • dlc1_get_levelrequirement_energyweapons_script [EBX] (daimod version)
  • luarunnercompiledlua_0bf76f86_f6bc_464d_a783_cf0f5584480a [RES] (frosty version)



  • dlcblueget_levelrequirement_script [EBX] (daimod version)
  • luarunnercompiledlua_b87ce23a_6c43_4502_b9e7_c2264e2d02fd [RES] (frosty version)


A NOTE ON THE DESCENT: The Descent (Weapons Only) will only remove the level requirements for any unique dropped weapons. It does not remove the class restriction. If you are using a mod that removes the class restriction then it will conflict with my patch. This is because all of the uniques weapons & armor that were introduced in The Descent DLC have the restrictions & requirements individually, meaning there is no generic script that controls this like the Base Game and other DLCs.

I don’t use the No Class Restriction on Weapons and nor will I ever so I will not make a compatible patch for it. You will have to ask the mod author for that, if they haven’t already done so.

If you want to remove the level restrictions on armors, I suggest you visit tirnoney’s Armor – No Class Restrictions Remade. She has made a patch that removes both the level requirement & class restriction.


Please let me know if you have any trouble using this mod.



DAIMOD Versions can be downloaded HERE




  • Hi.

    I don’t know if you still browse the comments.

    I am having problems with getting this mod to work. I tried removing all the other mods and installing  just this, but I still can’t use restricted weapons or wear restricted armour.

    I am using the Mod Manager.

    Any tips would be appreciated.



  • Inquisitor Callen Trevelyan

    Hi, I’m from Indonesia. Last week I decided to play DAI again.I tried using your Mod. However, when installing it using Frosty Mod Manager, following warning appears: WARNING: Mod Was Designed for a different patch version.

    Could You Help Me? What should I do to make this mod work? I play DAI Deluxe Edition with complete DLCs. I only have one mod in my mod manager: a mod that I made mysel to edit store items  in Haven.

    Or, perhaps you can teach me how to edit those get_levelrequirement scripts? So I can do it my self in Frosty Editor? I Always wondering how to do that 🙂

    ~ Thank you ~

    • 1) Frosty is now on version
      2) That warning just means it was made for a different patch of the game.
      3) Are you using the daimod version or the frosty version? I just tried to install the mods myself and can only say that this happens with the daimod versions (which are a different format), for some reason. If your using Frosty, it’s best you use the Frosty Versions. They don’t throw this warning. Either way, the mods were all made on the latest and final patch (11/12) of the game so they will work.
      4) My mods aren’t completely open-source so I can’t help you make it. Sorry.

      • Inquisitor Callen Trevelyan

        Hi, Thanks for the reply

        I’m using Frosty Editor and Frosty Mod Manager. And off course I use the frosty version of your mod. Actually, in my previous play, I managed to remove level restrictions (weapons, armors) but with different method. At that time I was not fiddling with get_levelrequirement thing.

        This time, I happened to find your mod and wanted to try it, but it doesn’t seem to work in my game. I am curious actually 🙂

        Well, anyway, thanks for your reply.


        • I can’t really say why it isn’t working on your end. I just tried it and it works just fine.

          My DAIMOD mess with get_levelrequirement. My Frosty Mods don’t. The Frosty version of my mod will show that every item needs Level 1 to be used. The DAIMOD version will show Level 0. Either way, you get to use everything.

  • Hello~~ I just installed the mod, applied it using FMM, no error codes, but the mod doesn’t seem to be effect. I’m also using the DAI Mod Manager at the same time, but I’ve never had an issue applying FMM and DAIMM mods at the same time.

    Thank you–

  • Im sorry for sounding like a complete noob probably but when I try to start up the game with the mods extracted into to the mod manager I get this error message “One ore more symbolic links could not be created, please restart tool as Administrator.


    vid Frosty.ModSupport.FrostyModExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass28_0.<hEWOgggYfnXMEESxQtfvdqDVRRxIOeyuhD>b__0()

    vid System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()

    — Slut på stackspårningen från föregående plats där ett undantag utlöstes —

    vid System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()

    vid System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)

    vid Frosty.ModSupport.FrostyModExecutor.<hEWOgggYfnXMEESxQtfvdqDVRRxIOeyuhD>d__28.MoveNext()

    — Slut på stackspårningen från föregående plats där ett undantag utlöstes —

    vid System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()

    vid System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)

    vid FrostyModManager.MainWindow.<xWciPfehUAeCaoRNRMFQGeCwEhg>d__13.MoveNext()

    — Slut på stackspårningen från föregående plats där ett undantag utlöstes —

    vid System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()

    vid System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)

    vid System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)”

    What should I do?

    • That error is not specific to my mod. It looks specific to Frosty.

      Check WARNINGS under Requirements on this page. Go to either the #solutions channel in the Frosty Discord or check the Material Listing for the Error Compendium.

  • What is the difference between mod V1 and V2? I’m not sure which one to install.

  • Sorry to bother you, but for some reason I can’t get this to work, is it outdated? do I need anything extra or is it standalone? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Why do you only support a mod manager, that doesn’t have basic mod functionality and remove your existing and working older files everywhere?? Why not at least offer the V2.1 versions. And why are you not on Nexus?

    • Please only comment on this specific mod. If you want to complain about all my mods, then please use the main DAI Page.

      Why do you only support a mod manager, that doesn’t have basic mod functionality and remove your existing and working older files everywhere??

      Frosty DOES HAVE basic mod functionality. It’s easier to deal with. Ergo, along with the fact that I don’t use the old Tools anymore, I decided to take them down.

      Why not at least offer the V2.1 versions

      Frosty now has a somewhat basic support for DAIMODS and since most of mine are EBX mods, they work out of the box.

      And why are you not on Nexus?

      I have some more leeway from not being on the Nexus. My content should not be judged because I’m not using the Nexus. Besides, most of the mods I use for several games cannot be uploaded on the Nexus due to their restrictions.

  • No chance of getting the V2s of these mods for mod manager?
    I have no interest in frostys game launcher, Uplay, Steam, GoG, Origin is bad enough than having a game launcher that loads up another game launcher.

  • Jango the Unfascinating Bounty Hunter

    I downloaded the updated version you just made and the mod manager loaded it and merged it successfully and your mod is now working on the game.

    I honestly don’t know what was happening since if the previous version worked on yours but not on mine… I mean, I’m using the Mod Manager v0.59 (As on the title of the program) which is the latest version.

    It is still odd, and sorry for any inconveniences caused, at the start my intention was to ask you if you could update it to the latest mod manager. It wasn’t really my intention for you to download the entire game, so again I’m sorry for any incoveniences caused.

    Thanks for the help that you provided allmighty munchyfly.

    Kind Regards,
    Radrakin (My original nametag) 🙂

    • I’m also using v59. I’m perplexed myself but if it’s working now, then it’s working right?

      It was no inconvenience. I’m glad your able to play now 😀

      Have fun!

  • Well. I both downloaded my mod AND updated it. They load the manager just fine, whether it’s just mine or not. In any event, here is an updated version. If this doesn’t work then it really isn’t my mod. Truthfully.


    Let me know how it goes.

  • Jango the Unfascinating Bounty Hunter

    Remove Level Restrictions – Base Game V2 Crashes the Mod Loader on startup, don’t know exactly why though…

    • I’m sorry to her that.

      1) Did you try running the mod manager with just my mod?

      2) Delete and extract the Mod Manager again: if it loads, then it isn’t my mod. If it doesn’t, then let me know. I don’t have Inquisition installed right now so I need to download.

      • Jango the Unfascinating Bounty Hunter

        I have tried what you told me to do and both times it still crashes. When your mod is removed the manager works perfectly but when your mod is added it crashes instantaneously.

        Its only the Remove Level Restrictions – Base Game V2 apparently, the Black Emporium version works fine.

        I believe this is happening because the mod was made before the last update of the mod manager. I may be wrong however but its just a guess.

      • Doubtful, since I went on an update spree a while back and I have the latest. In any case, I can rebuild the mod again. Give me a few moments, please. I’ll post a comment when I’m done.

        EDIT: I uploaded it now. Here is the link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/34r97f6e1u23chv/Remove_Level_Restrictions_-_Base_Game_V2-1.daimod

        I’m sorry to say but I don’t really think it’s my mod. I’ve both loaded AND updated them. Mod Manager loads just fine. If you still have this problem, then I honestly don’t know what’s happening. I can assure you that it isn’t my mod.

        Still, let me know how it goes.

  • Hello, I do not like to cheat either, but I am having major issues with getting through Heidrun Thaig. I keep getting the black screen when I go through to the long area where you cannot save. I thought I would try the Jaws of Hakkon remove level restriction, to try & go up a couple of levels – stuck on level 27.
    But how do I use this mod? Do I attach it to a line in the game data. I do not know how to activate things like this. Please help with step by step instructions, thanks.

    • Hello. I am sorry to hear you are having troubles. Before I help though, please re-post this issue on the page of the mod-in-question. That way it’ll be easier for others to see. Also, check out http://daimodder.tumblr.com for tutorials on installing mods and troubleshooting. Before I go any further on the issue, please read the tutorials on DAIModder. If they don’t help, I’ll step in. Thanks for using my mod :D.

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