DAI Mod: No Fall Damage


BEFORE COMPLAINING ABOUT THEFT: I contacted Eham, asking if I could update his mod to the latest patch and release it. I haven’t had a response in over a week. His mod does still work but it’s outdated and I haven’t seen any activity from him. So, I’m releasing this under full knowledge that I did not receive a yes or no from Eham. Should he feel the need to ask me to take this down, I will do so, no questions asked. Are we clear? Good.

UPDATE: Just an update that Ehamloptiran is ok with me releasing this updated version . Thanks \o/




What it does

An updated version of Ehamloptiran’s Fall Damage Nullified



Not compatible with any mod that alters:

  • luarunnercompiledlua_424daab9_f1ea_4b2e_b630_7ddfdef3ca0c_Win32

Not compatible with the following mods:


Known Issues

None so far. Please let me know if you run into any trouble when using this mod.



All credits to Ehamloptiran for the original mod and for giving me permission to update it.

Thanks to electricfish for testing

Made with ModMaker .19 Alpha & Patch 11/12 on a Digital Deluxe Edition



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