DAI Mod: Masterworks Reworked




What it does

Restores some unused Critical Masterwork Materials and tweaks vanilla Critical Masterwork Materials. The following have been altered:

  • Dragon’s Tooth
  • Fusing Agent
  • Great Bear Claws
  • Halla’s Horns
  • Hardening Agent (restored)
  • Heartwood
  • Ironbark
  • Red Hart’s Horns (restored)
  • Spider Eyes (restored)
  • Whitewood
  • White Wyvern Hide
  • Golden Halla Hide (restored)

There are 2 (two) versions available:

100% Critical Crafting

This version will give you a 100% chance of applying 10% to all stats (just like Essence Of Perfection).

With the exception of Golden Halla Hide, all of the aforementioned Masterwork Crafting Materials have been given 100% critical crafting.


These versions add new abilities to some of the aforementioned Masterwork Materials. Since some of these abilities come from DLCs, I have noted which DLCs you need in order for them to work. The affected Masterwork Materials are:

  • Great Bear Claws (Toxic Cloud): Applies the following when crafting: “On hit: chance to spawn a toxic cloud at target location”
  • Halla’s Horns (Multi-shot): Applies the following when crafting: “Weapon fires 3 shots when attacking”
  • Hardening Agent (Hemorrhage): Applies the following when crafting: “On hit: chance to place a stack of Hemorrhage on the target, causing damage over time”
  • Heartwood (Explosive Arrows): Applies the following when crafting: “Explosive Arrows”
  • Ironbark (Evil Eye): Applies the following when crafting: “On hit: chance to bind enemy with Evil Eye” (TRESPASSER DLC REQUIRED)
  • Red Hart’s Horns (Elemental Damage): Applies the following when crafting: “On hit: deals additional random elemental damage” (TRESPASSER DLC REQUIRED)
  • Spider Eyes (Piercing Arrows): Applies the following when crafting: “Piercing Arrows”
  • Whitewood (Elemental Mines): Applies the following when crafting: “On hit: chance that Elemental Mines spawn around your target”
  • White Wyvern Hide (Target Explosion): Applies the following when crafting: “On kill: target explodes for 100% weapon damage”
  • Golden Halla Hide (Resist Lethal Strike): Applies the following when crafting: “Resist a lethal strike once every 60 seconds.”






Not compatible with any mod that alters:

  • crafting_masterwork_DragonTooth
  • crafting_masterwork_FusingAgent
  • crafting_masterwork_Golden_Halla_Hide
  • crafting_masterwork_GreatBearClaws
  • crafting_masterwork_HallaHorns
  • crafting_masterwork_HardeningAgent
  • crafting_masterwork_Heartwood
  • crafting_masterwork_Ironbark
  • crafting_masterwork_RedHartHorns
  • crafting_masterwork_SpiderEyes
  • crafting_masterwork_Whitewood
  • crafting_masterwork_WhiteWyvern
  • store_respec


Known Issues

Haven’t extensively tested these but they should work.

Since most of these abilities were taken from existing unique items, you may find yourself, for example, using a staff which has a prismatic greatsword on it. This is very normal and sadly, editing said ability would render the original Prismatic Greataxe useless. Or even a sword shooting out three arrows. Since unique masterworks aren’t weapon restricted, this may happen. So if your bothered by this then I suggest just applying them on the weapons you desire.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the way the games handles text, I can’t change the original descriptions. This means that, for example, if you use Ironbark (Evil Eye) it’s vanilla description will be present but it will still apply the new ability to whatever you are crafting.

PLEASE NOTE: any mod that requires a DLC is used on a game without said DLC will immediately crash and/or not even load. Make sure you have said DLC before using any mod that requires it, before mentioning that the mod isn’t working or crashes your game.


How To Use

  • All 100% versions can be used together.
  • All Abilities versions can be used together.
  • If a Masterwork has two versions, you cannot use them together. One will overwrite the other. For example: Golden Halla Hide (100%) cannot be used with Golden Halla Hide (Resist Lethal Strike) and so on. You can however use a Masterwork that grants 100% critical crafting and one that has a new ability. For example: Golden Halla Hide (100%) and Ironbark (Evil Eye).
  • The Golden Halla Hide, by default, has the following ability: 10% chance to cast Fade Cloak on a hit. If you wish to use it, don’t use the Ability version of the material.



Thanks to Wavebend for helping me.

Made with ModMaker .19 Alpha & Patch 11/12 on a Digital Deluxe Edition



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