DAI Mod: Little Tweaks




What it does

Here I will place any mods that I feel don’t really warrant their own post. These are mostly little tweaks I’ve made for myself.


Shut Up, Adan: No more banter for Adan

Shut Up, Dowager: Yup. She won’t talk about her 1000 husbands. Her dialogue is still accessible, though

Maskless Royalty: Removes the masks from Gaspard, Briala, Celene & Florianne. Separate files for each one. Use only one, two, three or all.


Ability-Gather Ranges Increase: Ups the ranges for abilities and actions. Thanks to zalunaya for the original and letting me upload it.

Farris Infinite Stock: Farris is re-stocked to sell infinite contracts.


Valuables: Flags the Dwarven Dragon Statuette, Dwarven Plate, Dwarven Vase, Dwarven Toy Soldier, Ferelden Medallion Of Service, Malachite & Spider Ichor valuables as CRAFTING MATERIALS. These items are used in some Requisition Recipes. This way, you won’t accidentally sell the items.

Mint & Veridium Veil Quartz: Two different new tints for the Veil Quartz with two version each: one with vanilla stats and one with elevated stats. USE ONLY ONE AT A TIME. (Jaws Of Hakkon DLC REQUIRED)

Silver Ice Dragon Bone & Hide: Silver-like tints for the Ice Dragon Bone & White-Silver-like tint for the Ice Dragon Hide with two version each: one with vanilla stats and one with elevated stats. USE ONLY ONE VERSION OF EACH. (Jaws Of Hakkon DLC REQUIRED)


Brighter Fade Sacks: Brightens the green part of the Fade Loot Sacks.






Not compatible with any mod that alters:

Shut Up, Adan

  • in1_apothecary_barks_a

Shut Up, Dowager

  • Ham_Dowager_a

Maskless Royalty

  • Briala: npc_t_briala
  • Celene: npc_t_empress_celene
  • Florianne: npc_t_grand_duchess_florianne
  • Gaspard: npc_t_grand_duke_gaspard

Ability-Gather Ranges Increase

  • abilityranges

Farris Infinite Stock

  • store_mercenary_contract


  • valuable_Dwarven_Dragon_Statue
  • valuable_Dwarven_Plate
  • valuable_Dwarven_Toy_Soldier
  • valuable_Dwarven_Vase
  • valuable_Fereldan_medallion_of_service
  • valuable_Malachite
  • valuable_Spider_Ichor

Silver Ice Dragon Bone & Hide

  • Hide: dlc1_recipe_material_dlc1_leather_1
  • Bone: dlc1_recipe_material_dlc1_metal_1

Brighter Fade Sacks

  • prp_bli_FadeSack_d
  • prp_bli_FadeSack_s

Mint & Veridium Veil Quartz

  • dlc1_recipe_material_dlc1_metal_2


Known Issues

Brighter Fade Sacks will cause your game to freeze when approaching Fade Rifts in Jaws Of Hakkon DLC.

Please let me know if you have any trouble using these mods.



I highly recommend the wonderful Irritating Dialogue Removal by tirnoney (who inspired me to make this <3) to go alongside my banter mod. Silent Chanters and some other dialogues is also recommended

Credits to borglet & tirnoney for the help on silencing people

Credits to borglet for All Crafting Materials Elevated Stats

Credits to Ehamloptiran for giving me permission to update his Gaspard No Mask and Other Mods

Made with ModMaker .19 or .17 or 1.31 Alpha & Patch 12 on a Digital Deluxe Edition




Maskless Royalty:





Mint & Veridium Veil Quartz:

Silver Ice Dragon Bone & Hide:

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