DAI Mod: Less Stressed Mounts




What it does

Whenever you spur your mount (a.k.a sprinting on a mount), they let out a shrieking neigh. This mod makes it so that whenever you spur them, they no longer let out that shriek. At first, it was mostly to silence the Harts (which let out the highest screams IMO).

As a bonus, I’ve included an optional file which removes the VFX trail when sprinting. Can be used with or without the main file.

NOTE: I don’t own the Logitech Horse DLC or the Prima Dracolisk so the main file won’t work with it. Sorry. And no, I’m not going to buy a hardware just for a horse, nor a guide, thank you.




Not compatible with any mod that alters:

Main File

  • Mounts_Action_BogUnicorn
  • Mounts_Action_Dracolisk
  • Mounts_Action_Spur
  • Mounts_Action_Spur_RedHart
  • Mounts_Action_WarNug

No VFX Trail

  • mount_use_gallopcamera_timeline

Known Issues

Sadly, the main file is not compatible with ItemPack Mounts yet. Sorry. I tried but the Tool would crash whenever I imported and the Mod Manager as well If I was able to save the file. I’m looking into it though.

Please let me know if you have any trouble using this mod.


Made with ModMaker .19 Alpha & Patch 11/12 on a Digital Deluxe Edition



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