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Site Update #1 – Migration

During the following months I will be evaluating self-hosted plans so I can be free from’s limitations.

You might experience broken links etc. This is normal.

If you have any questions regarding my mods, PM me on Discord (munchyfly#2715)

If your having trouble with Frosty, I suggest you join the Frosty Discord Server for more help (

Comments will be closed. is LIVE

Hello to all of you who have stumbled upon my website!

This first post is to welcome you to my brand new website, which will serve as a portal to any and all content I create.

Be advised that during the course of the year, I will be posting all content that I have released on other websites.

The only functional pages right now are:

  • Terms Of Use
  • References & Tutorials
  • Modding
  • About

There may be some broken links and/or images. I will do my best to fix those as soon as possible.

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