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ME: Andromeda – Reference Sheets NOTICE

Regarding your requests on asset locations from Mass Effect: Andromeda…

The latest game patch (Patch 1.08) was released yesterday (June 8th – 06/08) at 11AM EST. I am analyzing the content included (Character Presets, Hairstyles, etc.) as to update the Reference Sheets, however I kindly ask that you abide a 1 – 4 days waiting period (you decide the deadline you want), ensuring that all the information collected is as complete and informative as possible.

It is imperative that the new patch be analyzed thoroughly, which demands time and careful attention. Due to my daily routines, these cannot be updated in such a short time. The Patch has included some new content but this means that the sheets must be re-made and re-checked several times.

Until then, take this time to familiarize yourself with the Frosty Tool Suite, view my tutorials on Frosty Tool Suite & the pinned messages in out Discord Channel, as most of the problems submitted so far have solutions. If not, please be as thorough as possible when reporting your errors:

– Windows OS
– Screenshots
– A small walkthrough
– mods being/not used
– Patch Version
– Game Version (Super, Deluxe, Simple)
– DLC Installed

Please be kind. We are trying to help as best we can. Remember, this is an unofficial tool suite, therefore we are operating with restricted knowledge. It is also still in development, which means errors have a high chance of occurring.

Thank you for understanding.