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ME: Andromeda – Mod Release #13


Released a bunch of mods I was planning on letting loose:

  • Crew weapon swaps
  • Cora and Liam eye color changes

ME: Andromeda – Mod Release #12


Finally finished these. Someone might make them better but alas, here they are. Contains 16 textures from 1K to 4K of characters from Final Fantasy XV. There’s a link to a full-size preview under Showcase.

Please read Issues & Bugs!!

ME: Andromeda – Mod Release #11 – GUI Tweaks


New Master Page containing all tweaks I make to the GUI.


Have fun!!

ME: Andromeda – Mod Release #10 – Project Files For Underarmor Replacers


I released the Project Files for the Underarmor Replacers so you can release your own retextures. These are only the textures and DOES NOT include the mesh replacer.


Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with <3.

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