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DA: Inquisition – Mod Release #4

Made some Rune mesh replacements: Mythal’s Orb and a DA2 Rune I found among the game files.


ME: Andromeda – Mod Release #13


Released a bunch of mods I was planning on letting loose:

  • Crew weapon swaps
  • Cora and Liam eye color changes

DA: Inquisition – Mod Release #3



As Noctis would say: “Last one”

As Prompto would say: “You said that last time!”


A port of the eye texture I made for Mass Effect: Andromeda.


Please read Issues & Bugs!


DA: Inquisition – Mod Release #2 – Thedas Fashion Show


Released a new Master Post: for any alterations I make to cosmetics, outfits etc. And to start it off:



Contains 16 eye textures of characters from the game Final Fantasy XV. From 1K to 4K.


Please read Issues & Bugs!

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