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Chak Chel

munchyfly’s Mods PSA #1 – Dragon Age Inquisition

Sorry for the general mention but seeing as more and more people are getting interested in Frosty, I felt I had to say this.

For those of you who use my mods and/or know of them, if you see people updating them and posting on the Nexus, please let me and said person know.

If anyone states that permission was given, it was not. I have no intention of allowing my mods to be redistributed and/or uploaded elsewhere. All of this is set in stone on my website and you may link to it directly if you must.

I have not abandoned modding but I do have a plethora of mods to update, not to mention their descriptions etc.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me.

Pyjak’s Quarters

Pyjak's Quarters


  • Location: Tempest Meeting Room
  • Tools: Ansel
  • Settings: Mixed, RAW HDR, Super Resolution


Bridge Over Knives

Bridge Over Knives


  • Photomode
  • Mirillis Action!


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