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ME: Andromeda Texture Fun – Andromeda Jeans (WIP Mod)

For weeks I have been slaving in front of my laptop, trying to mimic Denim Jeans for Mass Effect: Andromeda. It always turned out as leather xD.

Countless tries to make the right adjustments to the textures. Because there was always a glow whenever I tested them in-game.

I finally went and cheated with a 3D Painting Software: Substance Painter. No no, I didn’t use just it. Andromeda textures behave differently so I still had to go back and forth with Photoshop. I had to compensate a great deal of detail with the Normal Maps.

Here are some shots. There is still a lot of tweaking to be made but at least I’ve reached a result, to the extent of my abilities. I’m no miracle worker after all.

The below images are of my trying out how the pants react to the Tinting.

I also painting the shoes and made them resemble Leather Boots :3

I’m proud to say that I am close to finally making this into a full-fledged mod for release. It’s FAR from perfect but it’s the best I can do and with what little knowledge I have on texturing.

I also would like to thank Human Pathfinder for helping me with the damn Specular Maps along the road o/.

ME: Andromeda Texture Fun (Round 2)

More texturing fun in Mass Effect: Andromeda!

NOTE: Most of the assets used here (i.e. textures) were downloaded from DeviantArt and other places.



New eyes! I used a rock texture from Quixel MegaScans :P.

Wicked manicures:

And my first attempt at making Specular Maps:

ME: Andromeda Texture Fun (Round 1)

I’m currently a Tool Tester for a great tool that allows us to mod Frosbite Games. It’s in closed testing so don’t bother asking for a copy :P. Since I’m addicted to Andromeda right now, I’m focused more on that than anything else :D.

NOTE: Most of the assets used here (i.e. textures) were downloaded from DeviantArt and other places.



Making the pants look like Jeans. My second attempt at making a Specular Map:

New bedsheets:

A mistake that turned into something interesting: a Disco Jacket:

A tintable Plaid outfit:

Pretty expensive Headphones:

And some makeup: