ReShade 4 Tutorial: How to set it up

This tutorial will show you how to set up ReShade for the first time, or if your updating from an older version.



There are visual guides along this tutorial so read it thoroughly.
You can use any keybindings you want. This is just to get you started.
This tutorial is only for the latest version of ReShade. Older versions will not be supported.



FIRST: If you already had ReShade installed, uninstall it to start from scratch:

  • dxgi.dll or d3d11.dll
  • dxgi.log or d3d11.log
  • ReShade.ini
  • DefaultProfile.ini (if you have it).
  • reshade-shaders folder


Visual Guides on uninstalling ReShade: dxgi.dll | d3d11.dll



WARNING: If you have a preset you want to backup, DO IT NOW


1) Install the latest ReShade and ALL of the base effects. You can install the extras if you want, but their not important for this tutorial.


Visual Guides on installing ReShade: dxgi.dll | d3d11.dll
STEP 2 is only for games that run on DirectX 10/11/12. Find out which your game runs on HERE


2) If your game doesn’t launch with ReShade using dxgi.dll, rename dxgi  to d3d11 (both DLL and LOG if there is one). If it does load with dxgi.dll, skip this step and go on to Step 3.

3) Launch your game and open ReShade settings with the default key (normally HOME)

4) A tutorial will appear. You can follow it or just press continue until it ends.


Change the keys to this:

  • Overlay Key: Numpad /
  • Effect Reload Key: *
  • Effect Toggle Key: –


That’s it! ReShade should be all set up. You can configure additional settings like where to save your screenshots etc.

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