ReShade 4 Tutorial: How to set Custom Presets up

I’ve made a visual guide HERE, should you need it.
This tutorial is only for the latest version of ReShade. Older versions will not be supported.



1) Install the latest ReShade and ALL of the base effects. You can install the extras if you want, but their not important for this tutorial.

2) Download the ReShade preset of your choice

3) Extract ONLY the INI file into your game folder (where ReShade is installed)


Some presets come with their own custom shaders, LUTs and/or textures. In that case, you’ll have to install those too.


4) Open ReShade settings with the default key or a key you assigned by choice.

5) Go to HOME

6) In the drop down, select the preset you downloaded (the INI file you extracted)

7) It should load just fine. If not, press * to reload.

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