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ME: Andromeda – Mod Release #7


I’ve released a few more mods! You know the drill: click the image above!


Underarmor replacers: contains the NPC and Asari variants. What’s more is that there is no Face Bug, since this is a mesh replacement <3.


Have fun!

ME: Andromeda – Mod Release #6


I’ve released a few mods for Mass Effect: Andromeda that were scheduled for release but I never got around to finishing them. Click the image above to go there!


  • Eye Retexture for Angara
  • Eyelashes for Humanoids
  • Sara Ryder hair colors
  • Long & Short sleeve to Ark Officer replacer


Have fun!

ME:Andromeda – PSA #6 – Mods Updated



I’ve finished updating my Mass Effect: Andromeda mods. And with that, all my mods should be up and running. Please let me know if there are any broken links.


ME:Andromeda – PSA #5 – Updating Mods



I know some mods may end up missing. That’s normal. I’m still updating them and moving them around. Don’t worry, they won’t be taken down. I’m going one page at a time.


Please be patient.



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