Personal Update #1 – No Laptop

Just a little notice that next week I’ll be without my laptop, due to it’s fan not starting when it powers up, so It’s going to a Repair Shop.

It might take a day or two, maybe longer.

My father managed to borrow a laptop from his workplace. I saw the specs and I highly doubt I’ll be able to run any heavy burden games but I’ll still make a backup install, just in case. There isn’t an nVidia Graphics Card so that already told me that games were not an option.┬áTo be honest I think the only game I may have the slightest chance of running is Diablo III so I guess it’s Tendinitis time.

I do have backups of my software so, depending on the situation, I might install them.

Since this borrowed laptop is way weaker than mine, I won’t be able to provide full support on troubleshooting my mods, tutorials etc.

If anything gets updated during this time, PLEASE BE PATIENT. I may currently have all the time in the world but that doesn’t mean that the tools currently available to me make it any easier.

For any additional help:

  • Unofficial Modding Andromeda Server
  • DAITools Modding Server
  • Frosty Tool Suite Tutorials (by me)
  • MEAModder
  • DAIModder

Links are all at my Terms Of Use: Modding Page.


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