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Sniper Wolf Poser #1

  Character: Sole Survivor – Jack Location: Sanctuary Tools: ReShade, Mirillis Action!, Dave’s Poses     Mods being used: NOTE: Since I always have a huge list of cosmetic mods, I’m listing the ones I currently have installed. NOTE 2: I can’t remember from which mod the Sniper on her back comes from. Sorry. I can tell you it’s considered

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References – Free Assets #5

Royalty Free Music by socialbot73xt   Construct 2 Tileset by OnixGames   Free Texture Kit wood parquet 4K HD @   ~munchyfly

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ME: Andromeda – Mod Release #5

Chained Princess Fashion Boutique Athletic Tweaks Color Picker 3 Re-Activated   The Pathfinder’s Crew Jaal’s Wardrobe Monocle Visor Colors White   Vetra’s Wardrobe Visor Colors White

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ME: Andromeda – Mod Release #4: Perseus Armory

  Master page where I will place any changes made to weapons, armor etc. And releasing today: Maverick Mashup Hip-Holstered Deep Impact

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