Frosty Editor DirectX Error on Windows 7

I originally posted this on Tumblr but I figured it would also be a good idea to do it here too.

Download Frosty Tool Suite

[ Nexus | GitHub ]


I, munchyfly, am NOT the creator of Frosty Tool Suite. I’m merely a Tester, meaning that I only try out the tools and take no part in it’s coding.

All Frosty Tool Suite development is made by GalaxyMan2015 & his development group.



If you are on Windows 7 & the following errors show up when you try to open a texture in Frosty Editor:


To quote GalaxyMan2015 (the author of Frosty Tool Suite):

“To anyone experiencing the issue with d3dcompiler_47.dll not being found on Windows 7. Make sure that you have SP1 installed then proceed to the following link and apply the windows update:

Credits to @dracoangelz for the screenshots

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