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References – Free Assets #3

Miloš Belanec FREE 5K PBR Textures Download @Artstation @Gumroad   ~munchyfly

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[OLD] Frosty Tool Suite – Error Compendium

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References – Free Assets #2

David Gruwier HR Smudge Textures These textures are for simulating dirt etc on 3D models. Download link: David Gruwier HR Smudge Textures.   ~munchyfly

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Andromeda Jeans (WIP Mod)

For weeks I have been slaving in front of my laptop, trying to mimic Denim Jeans for Mass Effect: Andromeda. It always turned out as leather xD. Countless tries to make the right adjustments to the textures. Because there was always a glow whenever I tested them in-game. I finally went and cheated with a 3D Painting Software: Substance Painter.

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