References – Free Assets #8

Added more free assets to my Collected Free Assets Page:


Site Update #4 – Why everything looks confusing [continuation]

I may have forgotten to mention a few things on my previous post so this is just to add to that:


  • When I said I would maybe start from scratch, I meant start from scratch. Completely re-do descriptions on pages and purge all posts etc. I DID open this website on a rush.
    • Some of the pages I can simply copy/paste, such as the reference pages but others cannot.
    • Posts will be purged so if you want to save one, I suggest you use HTTrack to save any posts and/or pages should you wish to.
    • I know wordpress has a data export feature but it exports categories, tags etc. I might want to simply start from scratch. We’ll see. After all, this website is more of a portfolio than anything related to business so I don’t think text posts are that important. Still, I’ll export it all just in case.


  • Adding to that: again, sorry for all the confusing version system I have placed on my mods. I’m sitting down and trying to establish a system that doesn’t confuse both me and you. Once again, I apologize for that.
    • Not to mention that apparently the Frosty Tools are going through a small revamp for the next release, so I will plan to only use this new system by then.
    • Regarding the mods: do not worry. There won’t be anything different among them other than how I will address newer and older versions of mods.
    • This new system may look similar to any regular one but I’m trying my best. My folders are also getting disorganized.


I’m always looking for new plugins that can help me improve the way the site looks and how I can manage it properly. Right now I’m looking for plugins that can help me with tags within WordPress. I would appreciate any suggestions you guys have. Just leave a link to them in the comments :D.

I can’t give you an exact ETA but I can tell you that all this will have to be done before October, as that’s when WordPress is set to renew my plan.

Thanks and (yes, I apologize constantly), I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Site Update #4 – Why everything looks confusing

Hello everyone.

First off, I’m sorry the site looks so confusing. I’m terrible at organizing things, especially in a rush.

I’ve found a local hosting service but I’m going to need some help in order to move everything. In fact, I may have such a hard time that I’ll most likely start from scratch.

If I do pursue this road, I’ll set up a temporary GITLAB page and link it on Tumblr and Discord so you can all download my mods.

I could use the Nexus but I would have to change my username and for that to happen I have to pay them. And I don’t want to do that so I can only use the site for downloading mods.

Anyway, I’ll let everyone know on Tumblr and Discord when I do.


Sorry for the inconvenience :~

Dragon Age: Inquisition – PSA #2 – DAIMODS

Temporarily, or at least until Frosty Mod Manager has more support for daimods, I’m making a folder of my daimods public.

Don’t ask me to troubleshoot these as I no longer use the DAITools ModManager.

You can find the link on my Dragon Age: Inquisition Mods Main Page.

Please read my Terms Of Use. Sharing ANY of my mods outside of my website will result in me taking them down.

The link will be taken down once a moderate amount of support is available. Period.

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